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Custom-tailored loans to fit your real estate investing goals.

Get the funding you need as fast as possible. We specialize in several different loan programs, but we never shy away from getting creative & providing you an out-of-the-box loan designed for your individual needs.

Construction Loans

Our Construction Loans are uniquely supported by our significant experience in construction & development that allows us to leverage unparalleled market insight to provide the best possible terms to our developer clients. We can offer developers debt proceeds that fit their needs.

Fix & Flip Loans

Our Fix & Flip Loan Program provides developers and investors quick and reliable financing options for fix & flip projects. This type of loan greatly increases the borrower's ability to acquire, improve, or rehab properties.

Bridge Loans

Our Bridge Loan program allows residential & commercial property buyers to get fast, short-term financing for 100% of the new property purchase without needing to immediately sell their current property. This loan is ideal for those trying to make a competitive, all-cash offer in a short time frame.  

Loan Closing Timeline

3-7 Business Days

Minimum Loan Amount


Avg. Term Length

12-24 Months

Our Standards

Flexible & Competitive

Interest Rates

Starts at 7.99%

Loan Positions

1st & 2nd

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