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CBP Fund V.

CBP Fund V LLC (the "Fund") is our flagship fund available for

​Accredited Investors.

The Fund seeks to provide its Members:

  • Capital Preservation supported by hard real estate assets.

  • Current income.

  • High returns relative to the risks associated with similar asset-backed portfolios.

  • Professional management specializing in real estate valuation, lending, ownershp, and development.

Current Investors.

Fund Performance & Snapshot.

In the third quarter of 2022, the Fund paid members a 9.02% annualized return.

During the 3rd quarter of 2022, loan performance exceeded expectations once again. Over this active quarter, we saw the demand for our product continue to spike across all property types. We continued originating new loans and firmly believe these transactions will be accretive to the Fund. As always, we will be closely monitoring the real estate markets and their trends to identify new opportunities to bring value to the Fund's members.

Since 2015, the Fund has paid members an estimated, average annualized return of 10.23%.


Geographic Spread.

Property Types.

Fund Update_Geographical location.tiff
Fund Update_Property Spread.tiff

Why invest in CBP Fund V?

  • ​Asset-backed returns.

  • Audited financials.

  • Strong historical performance ~10% per annum.

  • Exposure to real estate.

  • High risk-adjusted returns. 

  • Debt is considered safer than equity.

  • Seasoned, professional management with local market expertise. 

Become a Fund member.

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