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CBP Fund V.

CBP Fund V LLC (the "Fund") is our flagship fund available for

​Accredited Investors.

The Fund seeks to provide its Members:

  • Capital Preservation supported by hard real estate assets.

  • Current income.

  • High returns relative to the risks associated with similar asset-backed portfolios.

  • Professional management specializing in real estate valuation, lending, ownershp, and development.

Current Investors.

Fund Performance & Snapshot.

For the second quarter of 2023, CBP Fund V paid investors a 9.10% annualized return. 


The fund’s performance in Q2 was negatively impacted by one defaulted loan, which is currently in bankruptcy; however, returns remain generally in line with the historical average. Although borrowing costs on our line of credit have increased, continuing demand for private loans has allowed us to pass on higher rates while remaining selective in our client pool. 


As always, we will continue to monitor macroeconomic conditions to inform our investment strategy. We expect these higher yield loans in our portfolio to favorably impact fund returns when interest rates eventually begin to drop. In the meantime, we have continued to enjoy strong transaction volume, with 11 loans paid off or paid down, and 13 new loans funded over the past quarter. 

Since 2015, the Fund has paid investors an average annual return of 9.79%.

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Why invest in CBP Fund V?

  • ​Asset-backed returns.

  • Audited financials.

  • Strong historical performance ~10% per annum.

  • Exposure to real estate.

  • High risk-adjusted returns. 

  • Debt is considered safer than equity.

  • Seasoned, professional management with local market expertise. 

Let's get you invested.

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